Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty is a very popular surgical procedure that is performed for various reasons on the nose of a person. Although the surgical process itself could be very complicated, recuperating from it is not all so difficult and time consuming and one can get up and get on the move very soon, compared to the other surgical processes. Rhinoplasty Recovery usually doesn’t take a very long time and one can recover and resume a normal life quite fast. It roughly takes about a week’s time from the date of the operation to the removal of stitches and bandages. After a period of about two weeks, it is common for all the discomfort and stitches in the face to subside greatly and things fast get back to normal.

Rhinoplasty RecoveryRest after Rhinoplasty, means rest, don’t take chances

The only part of Rhinoplasty Recovery is the care you should take care and allow for nature to heal, which is the best way ahead. Most people are unaware of this and are needlessly apprehensive about the whole bit of Rhinoplasty. The period of concern is usually right after the operation, when a doctor normally recommends painkiller to take care of any pain that might occur. The main worry usually is about the swelling that happens after the surgical procedure and not the pain which becomes a cause of discomfort. It is recommended that you do not in any way strain your nose and that includes you should not blow your nose at all, during the convalescing period. Even an activity such as blowing your nose can result in a severe internal bleeding, from the stitches in the nose and the insides. For at least seven to ten days, this line of care must be taken and it is certain, that you can recover very rapidly. In case you feel your nose is blocked, speak to your doctor, and probably he will recommend a suitable nasal decongestant to relieve the symptoms.

As a general precaution it is advised to keep a check on your various activities for a period of about four weeks from the operation. All sorts of arduous physical activity are completely forbidden as doing that could pose a problem to your healing nose and maybe complicate the process. For this reason doctors, recommend that you only sleep on your back and keep you head at an elevated position to avoid any kind of strain on the nose region. For those of you, who have undergone Rhinoplasty and are worried on how soon you can get back to your work station, be informed that if all goes well you could be back at your job in about ten to twelve days only. Although your face not have healed sufficiently and possibly the swelling would still be there, but you can be back at your job by then. People will notice a slight swelling and marks from the surgical procedure but after about 20-25 days all that would be slowly gone and you face should be back to normal soon.

It doesn’t take long to recover from Rhinoplasty

As a normal part of the routine, if your work demands heavy physical activity, please refrain from doing that until your doctor gives you the green signal to go and resume your 100% normal life. It is better if you can take leave from work, expressly for the purpose of taking care of yourself. Rhinoplasty recovery is all about taking care of the post operative process than it is about the operation itself. As another common precaution, you should not wear spectacles at all during the recuperating process; here it is possible that these may create some complication with the bridge of the nose. People normally get contact lenses when they have a Rhinoplasty operation done and hence completely do away with glasses. When you’re recovering after Rhinoplasty, every effort must be made to ensure you get as much rest as possible and a complete refrain from any activity that could give your nose even the slightest of nudge or exertion. Keep your bed, made and ready for sleep and just in case you require, it is a good idea to keep an ice pack handy and other medication close at hand. The maximum time a person will need to completely recover and gain natural looks after a Rhinoplasty operation is usually about a year’s time.